A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the 2019 GMTK Game Jam, where the theme was "Only One". For this I decided to go with "one second". Here are the results!

the arrow keys are the only things you need for this game. You can use the Space button on the title screen to change your background, however. Whatever personally suits you!

You have one second to enter correct inputs, and a second of downtime between.  As the game progresses, it will become more difficult, as you must squeeze your inputs into the 1 second time frame! Try rack up the highest score.

This game saves high score and background choice when closed. If I had time, and knew how to make an online leader board, I would have.

Install instructions

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: after downloading the file click on the installer. Accept the license agreement and download. Make sure to make a desktop shortcut for easy access. Visit the file location to uninstall.


onemoresecond.exe 39 MB


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Scored 15.